About Us

It started as a simple idea! How do you rate a song in the 1st 15 seconds of listening to it? It’s either good or bad right? We thought so too.

With the daily barrage of new music in the Nigerian entertainment scene, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to have a holistic view about a song driven by immediate user bias. “It’s the like of Instagram with a twist” #Trash or #Pass

How simple is it, you ask?

Well, It takes less than 30 sec to rate a song on trashorpass.com and here’s how;

  • Listen to new songs on www.trashorpass.com (or go down memory lane by selecting an artist of choice).
  • After having a feel of the song (usually takes about 15seconds), click on the Trash icon (if you don’t like the song) or Pass icon (if you like the song) to rate.
  • Tell us why you choose your preferred rating (Trash or Pass) and finally, share your ratings with the world.

Why can’t I rate the song based on beat, production, lyrics etc.?

Music is a feeling, it’s an expression and that is what we hope to achieve with www.trashorpass.com. We capture the immediate feeling of the listener, run it through mathematics and present it to the world.

With www.trashorpass.com, we hope to provide feedback to the Artist with loads of user-generated input on how their songs stack up across music lovers in Nigeria and the world at large.

These feedbacks include;

  • Statistic of people who like the song (Pass)
  • Statistic of people who do not like the song (Trash)
  • Overall rating by song
  • Overall rating by artist
  • Geography of interest (Country, State and City)
  • Ratings by Geography
  • Listener acceptance score.

Do we need this right now? Isn’t this another Metacritic?

We’ve all had those dreary long arguments about who is better, Davido or Wizkid? These often ends up with music lovers scouring the Internet for clues like download count, Google search ranking or how many awards each won at the last Headies.

These quick Internet research doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the general populace and that is why trashorpass.com was conceived.

“To present a holistic view on a song based on user bias to the Artiste, and also provide an interactive platform for music lovers to engage one another in Nigeria.”

It’s simply a Nigerian Music Community on steroids.

Feel free to send us feedback on how we can improve your experience on the site, we will be glad to hear from you. Send all feedback to info@trashorpass.com.