6 Things We Love About Wizkid’s Daddy Yo Music Video Featuring Efya

  • December 28, 2016

Now I must confess, the lyrics of the song isn’t laced with content you can take home and share with your friend but hey, you won’t bite me if I said it works in a club environment and that is why we like it.

As you all know, Wizkid dropped the video for his latest single “Daddy Yo” on the 22nd of December 2016 shortly after the audio was released and the reaction was instant.

Oh yes! we loved it, thanks for asking and here are six things we love about the video.

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1: Time of Release

Wizkid Daddy Yo Video Snippet

The timing for release couldn’t have been more spot on. The song and video were released on the same day with just 3 days left to Christmas.

With the holidays just around the corner, it was sure to become an instant success and a definite dance track for party goers.

2: Dance Moves

The dancers used in the video are epic! You only need to watch it to understand. You can surely catch some dance moves from this music video.

Wizkid Daddy Yo Video Snippet

3: No Club Scene Champagne Popping ish

As we’ve become more familiar with dancehall music videos being set in club houses with strippers and money flowing like the River Nile, this one was very different.

The song really is about dancing “Singing in the kitchen: Daddy yo make me dance” and Wizkid stayed true to it.

4: Video Production & Editing

Wizkid Daddy Yo Video Snippet

The video production for Wizkid’s Daddy Yo video is really on point. After watching the video a couple of times we pointed out the following;

  • Very subtle and warm feeling on your eyes, no bright lights
  • Minimal use of flashing light ensures that people with sensitivity to flashing lights can sit down, grab a can of coke and enjoy the video.
  • Video transition between scenes are smooth and pleasing.

5:  Lyrics

Now I must confess, the lyrics of the song isn’t laced with content you can take home and share with your friend but hey, you won’t bite me if I said it works in a club environment and that is why we like it.

The repetitive use of the word “Make we dance (in English, Let us dance)” makes it catchy for the groovy lads in a club soaked with alcohol and trust me, it just works! (we don’t know how).

6. The Fans Love It

The video is 275k short from one million views on Youtube in 6 days (As at the time of writing. This figure would have changed by the time you are watching the video)!!! Now that’s a whole lot of love for our very own, Wizkid.

Hold on!!! I know what you are thinking, Wizkid is a big star so a million view is expected within the shortest possible time. Well that’s true, but check out this statistic we were able to put together;

Wizkid Daddy Yo Video Statistics Snippet

11,576 Video Ratings

Out of 11,576 votes recorded on youtube as at the time of writing, 10,870 people gave the video a thumbs up, that is a whopping 93.9% out of people who rated the video, Wow!!!


As at the time of writing this article, the comments on the video had surpassed the thousand mark. Now that’s what we call an engaging video.

Trust me, the comments on the video are hilarious and we were able to grab a few interesting ones;

I hope you enjoyed our post as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Check out our comment section and tell us what you like (or don’t like) about Wizkid’s music video “Daddy Yo”.

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