Did You See What Was Actually Mad About Mad Over You by Runtown?

  • December 30, 2016

Did you notice anything unique about Mad Over You video? Well, we did and it is beautiful.

Did you notice anything unique about Mad Over You video? Well, we did and it is beautiful.

Shortly after the release of the track Mad Over You by, we put it up on trashorpass.com to see how fans will rate the song.  Surely, as we predicted, it was an instant success and it became the most Passed Song on trashorpass.com.

Rate Mad Over You by Runtown here

So, is this why you brought me here?

Nope!! (Abeg no vex) We noticed something even more captivating about the music video.

It was not just the beautiful models that got us talking (trust me, they are all beautiful), the African fashion showcase was out of this world, if you don’t believe me, continue reading.

Music meets runway! It’s colourful and we love it

The video was directed by none other than Clarence Peters and it showcased African fashion in the most immersive and mind blowing way. Believe me, it was stunning and truly inspiring.

A fashion designer could sit down with a pen and paper, grab a drink and be instantly blown away by the level of creativity and inspiration from a four-minute video clip and still move your body to the smooth serenading voice of Runtown.

Here are some of the fashion styles we found.

They are truly amazing, please watch the video to be truly inspired…

P.S. We also found something else


Check out the weed leaf design on the Guitar, lol

Hope you’re as inspired as we are, if you spot something else that we didn’t, please let us know in the comment section.

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  • Lord Justice

    I had to watch the video all over again after reading this post. Nice to point out the African print worn by the ladies in the video. Proudly African!!!

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